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This contest has always been popular among sailors, fishermen, explorers, that is, where to compete only in limited space. In several countries of Western Europe in this struggle, there are national and international Championships. There's this game called "Arm wrestling".

Arm wrestling

Two participants sit facing each other at the table. The elbow of the right hand is put on one line. Hands rivals concatenate so that your thumbs cover each other, and the other four - the back of the brush opponent. Team members try to squeeze the hand of the contender to the table, keeping his eyes on the table of his elbow. Who will be the winner. The fight consists of 3 fights. The participant who has won two meets next opponent.

The rules of the game

1. The left hand can hold the edge of the table.

2. Feet are under the Desk, you can rest against them in the legs of the table, but to touch the opponent cannot.

3. To get up from a chair cannot.

The game can be repeated, struggling left hand.

Based on the book by N. Mrs. "Active rest" (M., "Soviet sport", 1991)

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