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There are games where all players are divided into teams. In these games, first select or designate the leading, and then determined the composition of teams. Divide all players equally, so no one was hurt, help showonce.

Players are divided into pairs, depart aside and agreed among themselves, inventing names: one, for example, calls herself "Jay", and. the other serpent dragon". You can come up with funny nicknames, such as "Stepan-giant", "baleen cockroach". Aligning it quietly, so as not heard leading. Then the children go to the lead and asked whom they would choose, often in the form of rhyme, for example:

From a bucket brush
Or from the recycle bin hedgehog?

To the leading at the same time not called the same player, they agree who will be the first to choose and which pair: one chooses in the first pair, the other in the second. Showonce are different.

Here are some examples.

Anyone choose:

The black horse
Or clamp gold?

The balls roll
Or water pouring?

Hay mow
Or chop some wood?

Horse forge
Or yard sweep?


That will take:

Bear shaggy
Or horned goat?

From the river ruff
Or from the forest hedgehog?

Grey duck
Or wooden pipe?


What you need:

Peas bag
Or oil pot?


Who the guests will be invited:

Sly Fox
Or Marju-glory?

Cockroach baleen
Or tiger striped?


What you give:

Sugar piece
Or red handkerchief?



Lily of the valley scented
Or dandelion fluffy?

The blue bell
Or yellow St. John's wort?

White birch
Or red rose?

Showonce easy fold, they can come up with yourself.

According to the materials of the collection of Maria Litvinova "Russian folk games"

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