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To the players did not argue who led or whom to start the game, which group where to stand, they cast lots.

The lot is a conventional sign, any subject, for example a Board, cardboard or the same size sticks.

If you want to choose the leader in the game, take as many of the same sticks, how many participants the game. On one put a note. All sticks are put in a box or drawer, stirred, and then players take turns choosing one. Who is going to draw from the conditional note, that to be a leading, to start the game.

There are other draw. They are called guessing. One of the players takes a lot and hides behind his hand. In which hand a lot, no one should know. Then jerebevki, holding his hands behind his back, saying: "Who will take the lot, to be led!" He is approached by two of playing, jerebevki asks: "Who is right, who is in his left hand takes?" One takes in the right, the other in his left hand. Jerebevki unclench the fingers and shows which hand a lot. Guesses correctly wins the dispute.

Sometimes the amount of players taking straw, sticks, pieces of paper; one of them should be shorter or longer than the other. The upper ends should be equal, and the bottom to hide in his hand. Each of the players pulls one lot. Who will pull a long or short stick, a straw or a piece of paper, he starts the game.

According to the materials of the collection of Maria Litvinova "Russian folk games"

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